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Many FlexiSPY users delete the software from target devices to deactivate it. This configuration helps technical team of FlexiSPY to keep the overall performance high and prevent data processing issues.

This is great if we compare the refund policy with those of other smartphone monitoring programs. Just a word of caution with this tip – read what is being said and try to judge the truth. The goal of the company is to support and develop their program and offer their customers the product of the highest quality.

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This application will be perfect for carrying parents, who want to be aware of their child’s activities. Out of all the features available my favorites were the SMS features and the web browser features. KidsGuard Pro also disappears from the target device as soon as it is launched. If you leave the icon on the dashboard, user can delete it.

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These cell trackers take your money and rip you off does not work any of them. On the app web-page you can also find a plenty of info about service and its appliance. This feature can be useful in order to protect your kid from suspicious communication.

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Above all there are a variety of benefits when it comes to FlexiSpy. Premium plan provides the complete overview of the applications installed on the target device. Call monitoring Flexispy is probably the only program that allows users to listen to conversations in real-time. This feature is especially nice for parents that want to be able to keep an eye on the content their kids are viewing.  You can't always be there peering over their shoulder to make sure they're not getting into trouble.  With site monitoring you can see for yourself what they're looking at.  mSpy also allows you to block specific sites. The only thing the Premium version differs from the Extreme one is that you can gen real-time data only using Extreme account. I spent tons and tried to get a refund, they are so rude and I fought with them for a month. It’s because this software is notably expensive than an average one in the market, though it is really worth every penny. 1 /5 (43 reviews) UserReviews Reporting and Logging: It is easy to install and use. FlexiSPY will help you establish discipline in the workplace.


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